Wednesday, July 11, 2012

15 is the new number

Whew! No more High Reps! Ok, rephrased, no more high reps for 4-5 sets. Michael and I worked on a “sandwich” approach this morning:

- sets 1, 3 (and some 5) would be high reps on a slightly reduced load; obviously reduced does not equal to zero weight plates or anything less than 80-90% of maximum in his books

- sets 2 and 4 would be 15 reps on higher load; the magical 15 of which I could probably muster 1 before quivering

My legs, glutes and calves are already in DOMS mode. Thanks for asking.

Single sets of:
a) EPIC hack squat (where I was practically begging Michael to increase the load just so to avoid the “High Reps” sets; no bueno coz his rationale was we were going to go heavy on the next workout; FML!)
b) Cybex plate loaded leg squat press (stupid chafing on the back of the waist despite my wearing the Nike tights while dealing with starting at “your previous heaviest weight”)
c) Technogym leg press (What??? Double leg press??? And the final set? We needed another trainer to help push for the first rep – just the pick up…and then I had to deal with 190lbs. Well, I think Technogym goes by lbs? Not that it matters since my quads were vibrating since (b) – even had trouble climbing the stairs which gave Michael an odd expression. I guess it’s not often an old lady mounts the gym stairs.)
d) Technogym leg extension (this always hurt since it works on an isolated muscle group)
e) Cybex prone leg curl
f) Cybex seated calf raises (wah! The icing on the cake: more drop sets than usual! Let me tell you this: the calves were on fire even without any weight plates!)
g) Precor AbCrunch

And ladies and gentlemen, we’re done with legs for the week.

Bento Box Lunch

New sarnie spread – pumpkin floss that I picked up from the neighbourhood organic shop on the way home yesterday.

Other Stuff

Interesting article by Matt Frazier on breathing and running. Show of hands for those panting and huffing through the mouth! I’ve been breathing through my nose since adopting the Buteyko method and this write-up is a timely reminder why Buteyko works for me.

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