Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend recap – 2 runs + Junk Food and Tuesday’s Highlights

The weekend kicked off with a gorgeous view aboard Fireflyz; they even had this for you

which preceded oh-so-glorious-stuffing-my-face-with-junk-food. Some eats included

Walnut biscuits

Black sesame seed Chinese pastry

Toast with a mix of a vegetable spread and peanut butter

More biscuits with gooey chocolate

Greasy fried noodles with even greasier stirfried eggplant

2 Runs – One Bad, One Good

This was supposed to be a back-to-back weekend with the Singapore Gardens by the Bay Run 2012 on Saturday evening and the Jurong Lake Run 2012 the following morning.

The Bad: Singapore Gardens by the Bay Run 2012
This had all the hallmarks of an abysmal event when the numbers/chip tags were only assigned to runners at the bib collection. I should have listened to Andy who collected the race pack for me and had an omnipotent feeling about it. I guessed you would have read my initial thoughts of this disastrous event on both their FB page and Pacemakers Malaysia. I loathe to put up a race review of this since it means reliving the ordeal. Yes, it was an ordeal.

Swag – recyclable bag and event tee

The Good: Jurong Lake Run 2012
Superb organization and I think it will set the standards for future Singapore events. Sure there were some hiccups and I think the organizers would take this into consideration for next year’s edition.

Swag – recyclable bag with lots of goodies, samples and a towel

Event tee

Finisher’s medal (great design eh?) and Finisher’s tee

Neighbourhood Run – 10 July 2012
Route: Taman Megah – Damansara Jaya
Distance: 5.58km (Garmin)
Timing: 28:42 for 5:08 min/km pace

Kenny pulled a hamstring during a game on Sunday so it was a solo run this morning. Chose the flat route around the neighbourhood since this was going to be a recovery cum shake-the-legs run after Sunday’s run. Guess you’ve seen the results – nopez, it wasn’t quite the slow easy pace I was hoping for although in my defence, I should point out that this morning’s cooler temps from the overnight rain and more importantly, a stray (or otherwise) dog at km4 = faster legs. Then it was off for a date with Michael.

Tuesday’s Chest & Pecs
Very few workouts (too few in my opinion!) since we did I was forced to push heavier loads on an increased number of sets with drop sets. Yeah, the morning started swimmingly well.

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (hooray! We “snagged” the machine and proceeded to occupy it for bazillions amount of time)
b) Smith machine incline chest press (continued with our “occupation” of said machine)
Supersets of:
c) Technogym cable chest fly
d) Modified TRX push-ups (high reps)

Supersets of:
e) Dual DB pull-overs
f) Leg raises (again, high reps…if I didn’t keel over and flip i.e. fall off the bench)

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