Friday, February 24, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. Fortunately or unfortunately, I woke up to rain this morning. The type which comes crashing down. The type which would put paid to any outdoor run (or activity) unless you’re a badass of which I’m positively sure I’m not. The type which makes you want to stay under the covers (I don’t typically do this anyway). No run – good or bad? Good because I already have 4 consecutive days of running and a leg workout 2 days ago. Good because I could put in some cross training on the elliptical instead (BTW, I think the machine at the gym is wonky because my legs felt tired and slow yet the reading on machine was showing awesome results). Bad? I don’t know. Breaking the running streak? Low mileage?

2. I’m BB-less for the moment; am transitioning to a single number and device and the new set up will only be (well) set up in 2 weeks or so. Nope, I’m not that fancy pancy to have an Android mobile but hey, the el-cheapo Nokia I’m using works well. Why fix something that’s not broken, right?

3. What is it about Armani that has me lined, hooked and sunk (is this the correct term?)? Giorgio must have cast a spell on me! Today is the third time (3.5 if you count the pants I wore on Monday) I’m wearing Armani to the office. BTW, Armani pairs well with Terra Plana. Anyone hiring a stylist?

4. May I present today’s Bento Box Challenge…overnight oats or in my case, a combination of rolled oats and Nestum. 1/3 cup of oats/Nestum cereals and 1 cup of soy milk; refridgerate overnight. Easy peasy. No heating or cooking [perfect for sloths like me]required unless you want them warm.

With a side of jelly for dessert

5. Light session this morning – shoulders and arms and all single sets; and all 4 sets of each.

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine standing overhead shoulder press (tip: never say “this was tough and heavy” because you’ll get this reply “a bit heavy but you can do heavier” and at this point, you’ll have another 2 weight plates loaded onto the bar)
b) DB lateral raise (we focused on form and negatives)
c) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt
d) Technogym cable upright row
e) BB skull crushers/French press
f) BB bicep curl (discovery of the day: bicep curls are tougher than skull crushers! And to think I’m not even aiming for Hulk Hogan’s arms!)
g) Reverse abs crunches

Michael and I are going to try out a 4-session week and see how it goes. Some benefits which I’m reaping (and am glad for): incorporating more workouts for each muscle group, legs in the earlier part of the week (hence hopefully-not-plummeting-energy-levels YET), more time = stronger, leaner and toned? (yeah right…in my dreams!), subdued session towards the later part of week as things wind down for the weekend. What about you guys? Load up during the earlier part of the week or a balanced schedule?

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