Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Legs, Legs, Legs

Michael being the wonderful “angel” he is designed this morning’s workout with a SINGULAR focus: legs. That’s right folks, just legs. He must be craving PB & Jelly sandwich because I’m sure (like 200%) that’ll be the status of my legs this evening, if not earlier. All single sets and all 4 sets though I managed to snuck in a superset in between because we were waiting for the squat press machine.

Single sets of:
a) BB squats (nope, not the somewhat supported Smith machine; it was the real deal and to make it even “angel sweet”, drop set on the last one…and full squat for that matter)
b) Precor plate weight loaded leg squat press (Michael…did ya know that muscles do not grow overnight or in a week for that matter??? Doubling the number of reps at 600lbs is just so NOT on!)
c) Cybex seated calf raises (supersets with the leg squat press)
d) Technogym leg extension
e) Nautilus prone leg curl

Supersets of:
f) Kettlebell walking lunges (again, double the distance for 1 set…what did I tell you? He’s definitely an angel and a keeper.)
g) BB French press/skull crusher

I’m glad we started the week on Sunday vs the usual Monday – we’ve an extra day and we “hammer/beat the daylights” out of the legs earlier (psychologically and it’s all in the mind, my energy ebbs as the week progresses).

We ran out of time but Michael wants me to do some light abs crunches or any workout tonight or tomorrow…in preparation for Friday. That to me doesn’t sound good. At. All.

Speaking of sandwiches, my Bento Box today – sandwich with soy spread, peas and raisins and an apple. [I so nearly made a PB & Jelly one! Whew!]

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kw gallery said...

My Menu for Wednesday... is SPICY Fried rice~~