Monday, February 27, 2012

Karate Kick Anyone?

I’ll karate kick anyone who touches my feet today! Sore, tender, blisters abound, painful. Yesterday’s run wiped me out…totally. That and knocking the knee against the doorpost. Knocking it hard, slam-dunk NBA style aka fast and furious. Nothing serious, superficial and probably jarred some fiber tissues but 24 hours later, it’s still hurting.

Let’s talk about something less gloomy. After all, Monday work day is gloomy enough. The weekend included a short trip that began leaving the city with views like this one

And returning with a view like this

So glad to have the entire row to myself – see opening paragraph of this post

In between, amusing myself with this

And a serve of this

I’m so glad Michael and I worked on the lats and back this morning. I couldn’t even bring myself to do an easy short recovery run or rather the legs were VERY uncooperative and made that loud and clear when I tried to go downstairs. Yeah, not even a coffee bribe helped. How rude! This morning’s workout:

Supersets of:
a) Hoist lat pulldown
b) Plate weight bendover row

Single set of:
c) LF cable bendover row with iron bar / reverse pull

Supersets of:
d) LF cable lat pulldown (close grip)
e) Reverse pull-ups

Single sets of:
f) LF cable back pressdown with rope
g) Free-standing pull-ups (FAIL! Even dismounting the bench was a problem – read opening paragraph of this post)
h) Leg raises
i) Plank on fitball

{Lack of imagination} Bento Box Challenge: crackers with peanut butter and chia seeds.

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