Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY Reunion Dinner at Menawan

Date: 22 January 2012
Restaurant: Menawan, Imperial Palace Hotel
Address: Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Website: Here
Occasion: CNY Reunion Dinner

Last year’s recap here.

SF’s family joined us for dinner which was a good thing because we got a perfect table of 10. 11 including me but since I’m vegan and restaurant style dishes tend to be huge, portions wise, the set up was perfect. Plus her family are nice and a larger crowd is always nicer. We dined at Menawan; again, a perfect setting for me since I was staying in the hotel and could get ready at the last-est moment.

As is usual during CNY, most restaurants only cater set menus for time and operational management. Now we all know how these set-ups tend to run – super expensive, mass cooking and probably not all that tasty compared to ala carte dishes. Guess what? We or rather SW were pleasantly surprised that the food was good, sure not Michelin star but more than better vs run-of-the-mill.

Food. Checked.

Time between dishes. Checked. Sure, one or 2 took longer but on the whole, there was little idle time spent staring into space.

Change of plates after each course. Checked. This is a definite plus and a huge difference compared to even the “normal” times we dine outside of a festival period.

Open kitchen concept. Checked. Love the view and it was the entire stretch of the wall perimeter of the dining room compared to the small windows we normally see.

We started off with the usual suspect – yee sang. Salmon was the choice and HTN was our “deal underwriter”. He absolutely loves the stuff and have been known to order just that for a meal.

Four seasons' platter

Soup was abalone and scallops; a slight modification to their menu of sharks’ fin soup. Yes, we’re conscious and it’s by choice.

Nestum/bread crumbs coated fried prawns.

Roast chicken.

Steamed fish.

Stirfried veg with fish maw paste.

Ending the meal with lychee dessert soup and CNY must-have, fried nien gao in between a slice of yam and sweet potato.

All’s well! As it should be!

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