Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY Day1 Dinner at Krishna

Date: 23 January 2012
Restaurant: Banana Leaf Rice & Krishna’s Famous Fish Head Curry
Address: Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Website: None but Google yielded this
Occasion: CNY Day1 Dinner

Last year’s recap here.

Another twist yet again this year. I love it that we’re away and could have the medley of dishes that-one-would-not-usually-have-during-CNY. So last year was porky theme and this year, we went with Indian cuisine.

The feasting continues from the Reunion Dinner and this meal was probably more indulgent than the one from the previous day. KM had made reservations and pre-ordered the highlight – the Fish Head Curry.

Food. Checked. Doubled Checked. The owner, Mr Krishna?, came out to greet KM before proceeding into the kitchen to cook dinner himself!

Open kitchen concept in an Indian restaurant? My. First. Time. Too.

Sorry, the lighting wasn’t good and hence most of the pics are on the dark side.

Chicken Varuval. “Moist”, tender rather than dry, tough meat.


Assorted veg in curries – eggplant, French beans and the mild lentils.

Some curries to go with the briyani which was served on REAL banana leaf – a spicy one and the mild dhal (mashed chickpeas).

Of course, no Indian meal without papadum!

HTN ordered chicken murtabak to try – his first, I think.

The usual “mamak” drinks – mango lassi, teh tarik, cham kopi teh, kopi-o.

Good times.

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