Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Things pre-CNY Friday

Let’s do a Chinese New Year theme today.

1. Received this lovely card from the Melium Group earlier this week. Just the jolt I need to remind me of the hols. Yes, I’m typically always slow on the uptake on CNY, maybe it’s because we don’t do much or anything on the large scale. There’ll dinner with the family and this year, SF’s family will be joining us. Will post pics next week! Here’s something from last year – we had it at home but this year, we’ll be “feasting” at Imperial. More feasting with Uncle Mun Siew and cousins on day 2 (last year’s event at Pantai) and family on day 15 (last year’s event at Oriental Pavillion). Even more feasting with Ronnie and the gang the following weekend. And where should I fit in a feasting visit to the Running Couple in all that?

2. Being the procrastinator I’m (they should crown me “Queen Procrastinator”), there are a couple of errands I ABSOLUTELY (read: die die) must get done today tomorrow:

  • Hair highlights, trim (more like lobbing off a foot), style, treatment etc. Obviously I’m not PY’s star client since it’s been a year and a half or more since I had a cut and highlight. Hey, when you do it, go big, right? So tomorrow, the whole works.
  • Facial and eye brow shaping with Sharon. Well, at least I’ve been pretty consistent on this.
  • Buy BBQ and dried meat for KM. I got some earlier this week but am hoping to get another variety for them to try out.
  • Pay bills. This one should be easy peasy – post the mail.
  • Pack for the weekend getaway!
3. Blogging break next week too. Sorry guys. Then again, maybe you’re thankful you don’t have to read nonsensical ramblings like this post. BTW, ya’ know…there’s Google Reader and you can always skip posts. No worries, I won’t be heartbroken. Not much anyway.

4. No running or strength training break though. Ok, that’s a blatant lie. Maybe just Monday and Tuesday.

5. Mr DOMS should have a new name! Oy, couldn’t you have waited until Monday when I’m planning to take a break?!?!?!? I had trouble mounting the stairs to the office and to think the proportion of legs to shoulders workout was 30:70. Oh how is this related to CNY? Er last workout before CNY?

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine squats
b) Cybex plate loaded leg squat press (I knew I was in trouble when we started with 400lbs…and of course that 400lbs cannot stay static. It only lasted 1 set…the other 2 sets…)
c) DB lateral raise

Supersets of:
d) Smith machine overhead shoulder press
e) BB static one-leg lunges
f) Plate weight frontal raise

Supersets of:
g) Some I-dunno-what’s-it’s-called combo of pushups with hips high somewhat like downward dog and then come up somewhat like upward dog. Like I said, absolutely no idea…except Michael wanted a nice wave and being the uncoordinated person I am, it probably look more like a storm crashing on rocks.
h) BB deadlift and military press
i) Technogym cable criss cross for rear delt

Supersets of:
j) Abs crunches bringing the medicine ball (from above the head) and simultaneously, the legs together
k) Still holding the medicine ball...leg raises

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