Sunday, February 13, 2011

CNY Day 2 Dinner at Pantai Seafood Restaurant Petaling Jaya

I hopped over to the gym for a quick cardio date with the elliptical before heading home, just in time for dinner with Uncle Mun Siew. The restaurant was running two sessions during this festive holidays – 6pm and 8pm and we opted for the earlier session.

The usual suspect – yee sang

Sharks’ fin soup (I know, I know, it is inhumane etc but we had little choice in substituting since we ordered from the set menu. Anyway, I skipped this…and a whole of other stuff below.)

Baked salted chicken

Boiled tiger prawns

Steamed garoupa fish in soy sauce (I actually managed 1 lettuce leaf from this dish! LOL!)

Stewed sea welk, sea moss and mushrooms

Glutinous rice with waxed meat

Dessert: Chinese pastry

Dessert: Hasma jelly in soy milk

Uncle Mun Siew regaled us with his 4WD adventures and Hash Harriers runs. An absolute blast listening and laughing at some (ok, all) of the escapades.

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