Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Switching Things Up

As Michael is ruffling things up on the workout front (think working single muscle to fatigue), I’m taking cue on the nutrition/diet front. Not too sure if it’s the coming onslaught of a bug (waking up for the past 3 days with a scratchy throat) or the body being used to the same food, I’ve had zero appetite and hunger pangs since the weekend. This is rare since I’m usually ravenous on the days I run! I was almost force-feeding myself – eating on clockwork regardless of hunger because I know my body needs it after the runs and workouts. I’ve also been dousing myself with H20 and am considering including OJ in the arsenal.

Oh yeah, back to switching it up…starting this morning, it’ll be bread + PB instead of crackers + PB for brekkie, maybe oatmeal or a sandwich for lunch, dinner is still up for suggestions! In addition to the slight variation, I’ll also continue with upping the calorie count which I started about a week ago. Hopefully I get better sooner and put on some weight (don’t flame me for this!).

This morning was “Backs” and the pull-ups towards the end was tough – Michael’s words : control, control, slowdown the negatives were practically thrown out of the window. Hey, the mind did want to slow it down but the lats had other ideas. Hey lats…please listen to the mind for your own good! Didn’t you get the memo last night???!!!

4 Single sets of:

a) LF lat pulldown (machine)

b) LF cable low row (medium grip)

c) LF cable dual handle pullback

d) Reverse pull-ups

Supersets of:

e) Free standing pull-ups

f) Plate weight bendover row

Supersets of:

g) Hoist tricep pressdown

h) Leg raises

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