Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy Run – 22 November 2011

Route: BA>LG>Planetarium>National Mosque>LG and 1 lap around LG

Distance: 9.81km

Timing: 52:42 for 5:22 min/km pace

First run with LikSng! We had been FB-ing each other since the weekend since he joined Ronnie’s group and after I found out that he was the guy I kept bumping into in the mornings when I’m at LG. Small world. As he runs at a faster pace than me, this was an easy run for him and a moderate-to-tempo-ish run for me which works out perfectly – him = recovery/easy runs after a tempo or speedwork the previous day and me = chasing, drafting whatever him.

We probably started off a tad faster than I would like to but I was able to hold the pace and talk, so I guess all was well. Hill climbs at the Bird Park, Planetarium, school and Bird Park (again!) interspersed with some chats (mainly him since I was trying to keep up – so maybe one or 2 words from moi). We covered this first lap relatively quickly and then finished up with another lap around the lake to hit 10km or close! LikSng’s Garmin showed 9.96km while mine was 9.81km and we aren’t that anal to get that 10km! Oh yeah, we do have a few of those characters that must hit a certain number on their watches. Fine, I did that once…but just once, no need to bring out the audio device to remind me!

We’re planning to meet up on Thursday morning for another round of easy/moderate run. Suggestion for route? DH? 4 laps around the lake (uurgh!)?

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