Thursday, November 24, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 23 November 2011


a) “Boss” Ronnie (ran 4 laps on his own earlier)

b) Group Lead Kei Ming

c) Vijay

d) KK

e) Chin Ann

f) Suresh (ran on his own)

Route: 3 laps around Lake Gardens

Distance: 3 laps * 2.3km = 6.9km (Garmin: 6.84km)

Timing: 38:16 for 5:35 min/km pace

Laps 1 & 2

Kei Ming and I jumped in on the second lap for everyone and the chit chat continued. Yes, we were planning on an easy recovery run – he had finished some speedwork (ok, maybe “some” is an understatement since he did 25*100m) the previous day while I ran a tempo on Tuesday morning and did my usual weight training in the morning.

Lap 3

After dropping off Vijay and Chin Ann, we ran at a faster pace but nothing near tempo-ish (Wednesday’s group runs are usually tempo runs when the Boss is around). I was comfortable just following behind and could have gone on for another lap but thought it was a better idea to save some in the tank for the next morning’s DH.

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