Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recovery Weekend...somewhat

So I didn’t “die” from not having to race every weekend or every race like some others who need the adrenalin rush or whatever. Ok, that was mean. Sorry! Each of us knows ourselves and our body well enough to know our limits – so if you think you can do back-to-back races or weekend-to-weekend races, go ahead; just LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and please pull back when you need to.

After Saturday’s run, I felt tired and run down. Sure the race was tough even without the onslaught of a runny nose and cough and definitely without a previous day’s legs workout. The nose tap was on free rein and the muscles and joints were aching…so by default, Sunday’s run was off the cards. Good thing the car died on me when I tried to start it in the morning. I spent the morning with a light cross training session on the elliptical before heading to Richard’s class for what I thought would be a gentle, light and easy stretching session.

Aww man…yoga can be so very tough! My shoulder blades, back and hamstrings are still “terrified” this morning. LOL!

Continuing with the recovery theme, Malcalm and I met at BA yesterday morning for a slow easy run of the DH. Unfortunately I could not slow down to his 7min/km pace and ended up joining Azri around km4 who was also doing his recovery run. Our easy recovery paces were more or less matched – 5:30-6:00 min/km and we did the BA-Hockey Stadium turnaround instead of the DH route.

The extended weekend (3 days! Yeah baby!) was peppered with easier runs, elliptical cross training, yoga, glorious and yummylicious food and company. Except for Saturday’s run and yesterday’s chest workout, the weekend was easy going and relax. Actually I went easy on the elliptical this morning as well as the nose tap was dripping when I got up.

Here’s what yesterday’s chest session looked like:

4 Single sets of:

a) Smith machine bench chest press

b) Smith machine incline chest press

c) DB bench chest press

d) Technogym cable standing chest fly

e) Kettlebell pull-over balanced on the Bosu

f) Abs crunches on the Bosu

It was a little less than what we normally do because it was 4 sets rather than 3, 5 on the incline I think. I could live with that.

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