Sunday, November 20, 2011


So I posted this on SW's FB just a while ago (sorry I can't find the "Print Screen" tab on my netbook!)...yeah, needed to rant

Need yr or HTN's opinion. I was attacked as being "un-runner-like" for not disclosing whtr I was running today's event (at that point I wasn't sure) and how I was able to register at the very last moment (yes, there was some crying/humility and perhaps calling some favours). I got a bib; other person didn't and hence the name calling and now having it go viral on FB. What gives? Yes, he "die die" ...also must run today's event coz simply everyone else was doing this or the Pg. Thing is I did alert him and another friend/client about StnChart Bkk might be cancelled due to the flood. Friend switched to Pg; so clearly there was plenty of time to register. Or am I being petty? The label "secretive" was thrown in.
SWW Why bother? You got a bib. Organizer gave you bib and you run with the bib.

SLW Am not; trying to figure if I'm really that un-sportmanship or un-runnerlike. BTW, are you going for the Oxbridge makan sessions? I signed up for the one in Jan. Thinking if I can make it for one before the year end.

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