Monday, September 12, 2011

Michael tried to kill me!

Yes, you read that right. In an attempt to maximize the 40 minutes we had, Michael did this:

a) Supersets with 4 workouts instead of our usual 2-3

b) Increasing the weights from the word “go” although (not much) the consolation was 10-12 reps

c) To add on to my misery, I even agreed to an extra 10 minutes on Wednesday and Friday to make up the shortfall

Supersets of:

a) Smith machine incline chest press

b) DB bench chest press

c) LF cable close grip lat pulldown

d) Plate weight bend over row

Supersets of:

e) Smith machine bench chest press

f) LF cable chest fly

g) LF cable wide grip low row

h) DB single arm row

We started with one set of the Technogym cable back press down and push-ups before his next client came. Oh well, everyone wish me the best for Wednesday and Friday. No, make that, everyday for the rest of the week.

Other news

• I’ve been walking like a crab since yesterday – I had trouble getting up after my brekkie and shower. Don’t even talk about walking down the stairs this morning. Blame it on the Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011. Then again, it’s the “good” kind of sore and ache. Hence the legs up and horizontal position for most of the evening. I should be on leave today as well. Le sigh.

• Even better news, a superb timing – 47:11 minutes although the Garmin registered 9.75km. It’s probably close to 10km giving some room for variance.

• All this naturally means, I actually survived the road trip to Taiping although I had massive help from TomTom (the GPS!) and Hero aka my go-to-for-everything cousin.

• Stayed at Panorama – excellent location – 5 minute walk to the bib collection and race site and as long as you don’t bring along KL or Sg-size expectations, you’ll do fine.

• I’m taking today as my 3Rs since I’m sore from yesterday’s run. Yes, it’s an excuse to gorge on Harrod’s cookies (oops!).

• Aron is leaving for Auckland next week, so last week of runs with the dude. Fabio has also set up a “farewell” LSD this Friday (public holiday! Yeah, we have a public holiday every month…how does work ever get done…beat me too!).

• Traffic was a mess this morning – don’t remember seeing any announcements on raod closures (Malaysia Day rehearsals). Tell me why can’t they hold the celebs in their much touted, efficient and beautifully landscaped Putrajaya instead of KL? And ain’t it their plan to move (or at least encourage) offices there and make it the new “administration and financial” capital? Year in, year out…it’s the same thing. They never do learn, do they?

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