Saturday, September 10, 2011

Safra Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2011 (10km)

Date: 4 September 2011

Venue: Esplanade Bridge to Padang, Singapore

Distance: 10km (Garmin: 9.26km although most runners registered between 10.12-11km on their Garmins or foot pods)

Timing: 50:10 (chip); 50:15 (gun)

Pace: 5:24 min/km (Garmin – hence the super low beat mood on the day)

Result: 16th (Women’s Open); 4th (Malaysian); 19th (All Women). Here.

I was super depressive for most of the day when I saw my average pacing until I saw the comments on Sg Runners on GPS measurements vis-à-vis slopes (there were 2 – Helix and Fort Canning) and losing satellite connection around tall buildings (that’s when the foot pod kicks in). Should I console myself? Oh well, the AHM (and by that extension, the Singapore Marathon) is not the place to hit records given the crowd (70,000 for this year).

As usual, the Women’s 10K was the last event to be flagged off – this is to avoid the army boys shoving and elbowing the ladies when they gun by (based on previous eons years’ experience). Good on one aspect but an 8 am start meant we were roast char siew by the end of the run. The start and end points for the year remained – Esplanade Bridge and Padang but the route was different – running through the business district, Marina Bay and Fort Canning.


This was around the business district and we had the whole road to ourselves. Flat, flat and flat and soon we hit the Marina shopping mall and past the second hydration station (they were about 1.5-2km apart). At each hydration station, there were cheerleaders, singing, drum beats, everything to keep the spirit high.


This was where the congestion started – as usual, the army boys were taking their Sunday stroll and walking 10 abreast. I didn’t remember it being so bad in the previous 2 years – there was absolutely no clear path or opportunity to pass. Lots of dodging and American football and many more “excuse me”. I wondered if this messed up the Garmin. The timing checkpoint came at the end of climbing Fort Canning – I think the DH and Taman Desa trainings helped tremendously because I didn’t feel as defeated as I did during the Run NUS 2011. Oh yeah, there was a bear at one of the hydration station who was looking to hug or high five me. LOL!


The nightmare of the human wall became progressively worse and the heat from the now-high sun didn’t help. I even had trouble running through the last 100 meters. Really…I mean this is last 100 meters and people were still walking?


a) Great organization on the whole.

b) Distance markers and to up the ante, they even had markers right after each hydration station to let you know when the next one was coming up.

c) Road closure – this year, they even manage to partially block off the roads around City Hall (e.g. North Bridge Road). This is what you get when the army is involved.

d) More than enough hydration stations.

e) Excellent cheerleaders – singers, belly dancers, bears, drummers etc at hydration stations.

f) Medic stations at each hydration point.

g) No shortage of volunteers for sure.

h) Interesting (and refreshing) route.


a) I registered for the wrong category! Ok, this one is my fault…then again, if I did sign up for the Aunty category, I would have placed 4th and you’ll never hear the end of another set of complaints.

b) Sunday strollers walking 10 abreast. I guess Lien forgot to pass the message to his boys. I gathered from Tey that Michele (Tan) also had trouble navigating the crowd and she’s in the elite category.

c) Late start.

d) The tee design could have been better. Much better.

Photo log:

From in2it

My swag

TMI ahead (you've been warned!)

The so awesome condition of my right foot - blood blister and multiple blisters on top of a healing blister

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Rebecca Rushton said...

Hi Sue, I know this sounds weird but I love the blister photo on this blog post.

I'm hoping to make your foot blister a little bit more famous than it already is ;) and use it in an educational video. In fact I've already used it on my Blood Blister blog post (with linked attribution to your blog).

I am a podiatrist committed to improving the understanding of what causes blisters and how to prevent them. My website is

I've already made the video - it is unlisted at this stage until I get permissions, at which point I will either publish it or modify it as required. Here's the link

Do you have any objections to me using your photo in this way? As I say, it's a great blister photo and a wonderful example of an edge blister! I'd love to send you some ENGO Patches to show my appreciation, if you're interested?

Rebecca Rushton