Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lake Gardens Run – 13 September 2011

Distance: 1 lap of the National Mosque + 1 lap around the lake. Garmin: 9.86km (aiks! I thought I could have 10 to start the day.)

Timing: 52:03 for 5:16 min/km pace

I couldn’t find a training partner for this morning’s run – both Malcalm and Aron ran yesterday evening and opted to rest. This was to be a recovery run and I went by feel – guess what? The 5:16 min/km average pace felt comfortable; now this would have been my tempo pace 6-9-12 months ago. So much has changed, hasn’t it? I’m now stronger and more resilient after training with Kenny, Aron and Boss although in the latter’s aspect, I’m still not going to run with him. I’m ok to start with him and run the first 100m with them…LOL!

Lap 1 – loop from LG > Planetarium > National Mosque > Bird Park > LG

The great thing about running the hills is to do it early in the run and while it’s still dark! This way, you’re not wiped out (yet) and you can’t see how steep the slope is. Things got interesting after the Planetarium heading towards the National Mosque because I spotted more than a dozen teams from the Army, Police, FRU etc getting reading for their Malaysia Day rehearsal. We exchanged waves and hellos – it was here that I found my mojo or sweet spot or whatever it is you called it. The pace felt easy, I was relaxed, I was smiling (ok, grinning if you want), breathing comfortably and it felt so right. Ever had that feeling? I was still grinning like a clown after the left turn back to the Bird Park and mind you, this was a hill climb. Soon we were back to home ground.

Lap 2 – loop around LG

This was the flattish part of today’s run and since I knew I was about to finish, tried increasing the pace a tad although I had to pull back here and there.

Other stuff

• It was the Mid Autumn Festival yesterday – the Chempaka Buddhist Lodge put up a float and carnival on Sunday; I spotted a few pics from friends’ FB pages; there’ve been loads (every flavor from every baker/hotel in town) of mooncakes sent to the office. Guess what…I had nary a bite. Nope, no idea why too.

• Grandpa, grandma and Mandy had dinner with Uncle Kenny and Aunty Mimi last night since most of us were working and couldn’t make it back on time. Plus, we had an early family dinner on Saturday (sorry, minus me since I was in Taiping).

• I think I chipped my tooth having granola cereals last night. Blergh! Er can anyone actually chip their tooth this way???!!! I should have stuck to overnight oats.

• I’m sleepy and we’re not even done with the work day. I should load up on Nescafe. Did I tell you that the tea lady in my office makes awesome coffee? Instant coffee, creamer, non dairy condensed milk – all in the right proportions.

• I’ve the world’s ugliest feet – way too many hard skin spots and calluses on the soles; I think a new blood blister developed near the usual hot spot (ball under the big toe) this morning. Sorry! TMI. At this rate, I’m lucky Shearley hasn’t kicked me off her client list.

• The greenie KSO hasn’t dried out from Sunday’s run so I used the pinkie instead. Not sure if the hot spot is due to the “breaking in” period which I hardly think so since I had a few blisters running in the greenie at the AHM and on Sunday.

• My pecs are sore from yesterday’s session – see I did say Michael was on a mission to exterminate me!

• The Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011 recap is done. Almost anyway. I’ll try to post it tonight if I can manage to convince the splotchy Wi-Fi internet whatever to upload the pics quicker. Yeah I know, you guys are just interested in that. Nah, no hard feelings.

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