Thursday, August 25, 2011

Legs, Legs, Legs

I’m extremely sore from all the leg workouts in the last 72 hours! Recap here and here.

adiNation Training Run – 24 August 2011


a) Boss Ronnie

b) Kenny

c) KK

d) Adam

e) Vijay

Distance: 1*2.8km + 3*2.3km = 9.7km (Garmin: 9.51km)

Timing: 50:18 for 5:17 min/km pace

Adam and I joined KK and Vijay when they came around the corner. I’m suicidal and left Kenny to Ronnie. LOL!

Lap 1 – 2.3km loop

Legs are heavy, can’t lift them, felt like I was dragging my feet even though I was about 20-50 meters ahead of Adam, KK and Vijay.

Lap 2 – 2.8km loop

Legs felt a tad better towards the end of the first lap and since I had already done the de-rigueur 4 lap the previous day, I decided to mix things up a bit and went up to the Carcosa route.

Laps 3 & 4 – 2.3km loop

Bumped into Yeap on lap 3 and he said he was doing the “getting-smaller-and-smaller” laps (National Mosque > Bird Park > Waterfall). Felt speedy and left the legs to do the talking or rather running.

Reverse Desa Waterpark - Seputeh Run – 25 August 2011

Distance: 7.71km

Timing: 42:53 for 5:33 min/km pace

Recovery run this morning! The plan was to follow Kenny’s easy pace and let me say this…the recovery run felt like a 200% effort!

Lap 1 – Seputeh to Desa Waterpark via Federal Highway ~ 3.2km

This was tough. The first mile (I know coz the Garmin was “electrocuting” me!) was a battle of upslopes, headwind and traffic on Federal Highway. And the legs…oh boy…the legs were even heavier this morning.

Lap 2 – back to home turf

Slightly better since I had warmed up, it was a flat route and there was almost zero traffic on Jalan Desa Utama until the traffic lights. For the first time, I actually had to stop at the traffic lights at the turn off to the 2km slope (thank goodness, we weren’t doing this today!) – Kenny was on the opposite side of the road, slightly ahead. Once the lights turned, it was all downhill to Old Klang Road and I managed to catch up with Kenny and the battle of the headwinds resumed. The triple dosage of legs in the last 2 days also caught up and the gap between widened to about 20-30 meters. I was so glad when we finally turned to his road.

So 7.71km done and dusted before 7 am.

Thursday mantra: Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel

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