Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Thank God It’s Friday! On an even happier note, I have the rest of the afternoon off as well. Pure Joy.

2. My birthday pressie – cream Ferragamo wallet. More Joy.

3. Miscomm over the week equal to no dinner on Wednesday! I thought Grandma was heading back to Ipoh this weekend e.g. Friday night but as it turns out, it was Wednesday morning. Uncle WH’s driver drove them back. Ok, I am digressing…the point is I came home after my run to a dark, empty house with an even emptier fridge. Right, no problem, I can pick up something from the vegetarian stall at Taman Mayang. No Buenos – MPPJ leveled the ground and the entire stretch of stall structures was gone. So I did what any city girl (or guy) did – settled for Maggi Mee. Now that I was “sufficiently” warned, I pick up some koay teow goreng from the Lotus Restaurant at DJ on the way back last night – they must have some insane comprehension of a single meal portion sizes because that takeaway could definitely take me through another 2 meals (and extra!). Looks like dinner for Monday and Tuesday has been settled.

4. SW and I are headed for some sun, sea, beach and spa this weekend although separately. She is off to Tanjong Jara for her monthly dive fix while I will be in Phuket. Nope, the bikini is still elusive and fingers crossed, I bump into one at the airport later. Please keep this in your prayers! This is V.E.R.Y. important! LOL!

5. It was Functional Friday at the gym this morning nd let me tell you this, I missed the Bosu loads! It has been a couple of months since I last stood on the upturned Bosu but I am glad I did not fall flat on my face this morning!

Supersets of:

a) BB squats (Bosu)

b) BB bendover row (Bosu)

c) BB overhead shoulder press (Bosu)

d) DB lateral raise (Bosu)

e) Technogym cable chest fly

f) Technogym cable lat pull down

Supersets of:

g) TRX static lunges and high knee

h) Technogym cable rear delt

i) DB bicep curl

j) BB skullcrusher/Frenchpress (TRX didn’t work, hence the modification)

k) Abs on wheels (Bosu) (Michael thinks my core has been getting stronger which probably explains why this wasn’t as challenging as previous; next up will be doing it tip toe; so not looking forward to this)

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