Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Weekend – The Compressed Version

• Phuket was a blast! The race, the company of friends, the place. I enjoyed the getaway tremendously.

• To top it off, I came in third in my age group and received a trophy and a Timex watch. The timing was not anything to shout about – I knew that going into the race since the route is tough.

• Slight downside was my achy hips – it practically locked up after the race and I was more or less immobilized in the hotel on Sunday and even had trouble getting a shuteye that night. Good news is that the light, easy swim on Monday morning helped and the hips and legs are (sort of) back to regular mode.

• It has been consecutive workout days since I got in yesterday afternoon. We started with the back-and-chest combo yesterday evening since the hips were still a bother.

Supersets of:

a) Smith machine 10 degree incline chest press

b) LF cable lat pull down

Supersets of:

c) Smith machine incline chest press

d) Plate weight bendover back row

Supersets of:

e) LF cable chest fly

f) LF cable low row

Supersets of:

g) Free standing pull ups

h) Free standing dips

Supersets of:

i) Leg raises

j) Abs on wheels

• Today was the legs-and-shoulders combo:

Supersets of (4 sets, le sigh):

a) Smith machine squats

b) Standing DB overhead shoulder press

Supersets of (4 sets, more le sigh):

c) Cybex plate loaded leg squat

d) DB lateral raise

Supersets of:

e) Hoist leg extension

f) Plate weight frontal raise

Supersets of:

g) Split alternate lunges

h) Technogym cable upright row

Single sets of:

i) Ab crunches on fit ball

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