Thursday, June 9, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 8 June 2011


a) “Boss” Ronnie*

b) Bee Hoon

c) KK

d) Azam

e) Aron

f) Melvin

Distance: 4 laps * 2.3km = 9.2km (Garmin: 9.14km)

Timing: 49:55 for 5:28 min/km pace

* late and hence ran on his own

Laps 1 - 2

I wasn’t sure if I could make the run yesterday evening as it was pouring and thunderstorms were heard around 4pm. A quick text message to the rest around 5:30 pm returned replies such as “Yes, I’m going but sure jam” (Kei Ming), “Yes, going. Rain stopped liao” (Boss) and “Come la, no rain” (Aron). Since Boss was not around, there was no pressure to “kill ourselves”; plus KK just got back from the Christchurch Marathon and all of us wanted to chitchat and catch up. The 2 laps were done in a super relaxed mode with the second slightly faster (12+ minutes); we probably took it way too easy in the first (14 minutes).

Lap 3

Aron started speeding up in this round and Melvin followed suit; Bee Hoon and I ran together and were just a few paces back. I thought this was odd since this definitely did not feel like an easy pace. KK and Azam had dropped back earlier in lap 1.

Lap 4

Bee Hoon decided to “teach” the guys a lesson and upped her pace to overtake them to the finish. LOL! I was a bit too far back to notice but I gathered later that Aron had slowed down to a walk after ¾ of the way and she did manage to overtake/kept pace with Melvin; she did not think he could have kept that pace for a longer distance (she definitely can, naturally! Go Bee Hoon!).

Aron should have followed Bee Hoon’s advice – keep to her pace in the first 2 laps if he wanted to finish a sub-4 for the KL Marathon and he won’t peter out like he did (every time!!!). Same advice Kei Ming and Vijay gave him 2 weeks ago. Be patient and conservative in the first portion because 42km is a long way and you can use the conserved energy to rein it in during the later portions.

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