Saturday, May 14, 2011

Five Things Friday

I had orignally written this during lunch yesterday but as many of you know, Blogger was having some time for upgrading etc. So bear with the grammer and tenses.

1. Ashley is feeling much better – colour to lips and rosy cheeks – although they are still feeding and medicating her intravenously. PTL. They will be in town in early June and SW will be arranging dinner. It will be good to see them – last time was during CNY.

2. It will be a long weekend with Tuesday being a public holiday and most folks taking Monday off. I am not one of them but the office and roads/traffic should tone down significantly. Dare I hope for some peace and quiet on the work end?

3. Taking almost the whole week off, minus Wednesday, seems to have done the trick; the right shin feels good and is (fingers crossed) close to being 100%.

4. I am or will be super broke this month – my “splurge” if you can even call it a splurge coz some of these are necessities: supplements, renewal of training, flight tickets, tax bill. Thank goodness, I held off the hotel booking.

5. Have I ever told you that Michael is a gem? Ok, I am saying it again! He is the best among all the trainers I have had so far – proficiency, competence, reliability and all counts. PTL. Right, now I sound like I am a school girl gushing over Justin Bieber. And for your information, I don’t even dig the guy or see what’s so great about him. And that last statement probably set me up for target kill. Let us move on to this morning’s lighter-than-usual session – I’m beginning to like Fridays – we moderate the session after 2 “heavy” sessions earlier in the week.

Supersets of:

a) Technogym cable incline chest fly

b) Technogym cable dual handle lat pull down

c) Single arm bend over DB row

d) Decline push-ups – bar on Bosu, feet raised on Reebok step

Supersets of:

e) Combo of DB overhead shoulder press and single leg static lunge

f) Technogym cable rear delt

g) BB squats

Supersets of:

h) TRX hamstrings – seated followed by lying down/hips up

i) Atomic (side crunches were introduced; introduction doesn’t mean Michael omits the usual ones; it just means more)

j) DB bicep curl – this was done in a single set

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