Monday, May 16, 2011

Bullet-o Style Monday

• Had an attack of vertigo on Saturday and spent the rest of the day on my back. My unconscious hours aka sleep was 15. Definitely a top 5. Things started unraveling after breakfast and my initial thought was the kaya puff I had which naturally led to loads of self-admonishments about staying away from animal by-products (What? You are surprised?! You have not heard me during my runs then!). Packed myself to bed hoping a nap would do the trick. Nopez, it did not work because I was practically slumped over the table during lunch and distinctly had trouble making my way (up the stairs, mind up) back to my room after that. Righto, another nap and more fervent hope that all will be fine and dandy. Nopez, it did not work either, in fact, it got worse and there was more than one occasion I nearly toppled over on the way to the bathroom. The maid was actually worried when I didn’t show up for dinner and came up with a tray for me. Bless Noami.

• So a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do…call her personal physician aka Dr Choor. No temp, no pain, no body aches, no nausea, no runs, just plain spinning. Diagnosis: vertigo or fluid imbalance in the inner ears. Treatment: see a GP and medicate or lie down and let it go off on its own. Since there was no way I could walk even 1 meter without swaying and toppling, there was a 200% chance I could not drive to any clinic. Back to dreamland then. Mind you, I could read and do anything perfectly fine if I stay on my back; lift that head 10 degrees and bazooka!

• Oh yeah, about that run on Saturday. Well, I have yet to download the data from my Garmin but rest assured, it was ugly. In fact, probably the ugliest to date. The cramps reared their head pretty early on – about km18 and I kept praying for it to hold off until the finish. Here’s the mantra: please, please God, please God, please let me finish, it’s just another 2km. Please, please, please. Repeat that 20 times! It was not the day to be – we (Kenny, Kei Ming and I) made a trip to “Holland” and probably a short visit to “England” as well! At least, the vertigo did not unravel during the run – then it will really be a return trip to “Holland” and “England”!

• Sunday proved to be better – I was mobile and could put in a session with Richard. Come to think of it, downward dogs and backbends could be the remedies for vertigo. Let me go put in a patent! Although Grandma and Michael have different ideas; they both think it was due to exhaustion and over exertion and I need to rest, rest and rest; Grandma also thinks I should load up on rice. And with, dare I say I have permission to load up today…and the rest of my life? Especially since I am planning a mid-to-long run tomorrow. Great ideas are born from “tragedies”!

• Ashley is back home and probably glad to have her right hand (and thumb) back (to suckle to sleep!) although I heard she has been doing acrobatics picking up Barney with her feet.

• Back to my usual self this morning (yes, this included hitting the pillow at 9 last night – as a precaution and more TLC for the vertigo) and with it, a back-and-chest workout:

Supersets of:

a) Bench chest press

b) LF medium length grip lat pulldown

Supersets of:

c) Incline chest press

d) LF low row

Supersets of:

e) LF cable low to high chest fly

f) Single arm plate weight back row

Supersets of:

g) DB hammer grip bench chest press

h) Precor T-bar row

Supersets of:

i) Free standing pull-ups (big mistake! We should not do this at the end of the session because it just turns out to be junk pull-ups)

j) Free standing dips (bigger mistake! Refer to above point)

We finished the session with leg raises but I was already poofed at the last superset!

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