Thursday, May 12, 2011

adiNation Training Run – 11 May 2011


a) “Boss” Ronnie

b) “Group Lead” Kei Ming

c) Wong

Distance: 9.51 km (Inter-State route)

Timing: 54:25 for 5:43 min/km pace

Being a sloth, so it will be bullet style:

• Kei Ming and I were bored and I suggested we run outside.

• We took this as a recovery run since he is down with a sore throat and I am just getting over the %^&*#@ pulled shin muscle.

• The temps were soaring, probably in the early 30s C and the humidity? Let us not get into that. All I felt throughout the run was warm air enveloping me.

• The %^&*#@ pulled shin muscle tugged at me the whole time and I wanted to call it quits after the Carcosa turnaround aka 3km.

• Boss pulled away after this and soon, Wong followed him.

• Boss and Wong were still within sight at the gated Negeri Sembilan enclave. Kei Ming was right behind me.

• Lost sight of the leaders after the Negeri Sembilan loop heading into Lorong Travers – looks like Boss took Wong to Jalan Holland. Poor guy…first time joining us and Boss took him to Jalan Holland. LOL!

• Moral of story: going slow with the tour guide has its benefits. LOL!

• Happy with the average pace – it’s about 5 secs off my fastest pace for this route; even Boss admitted that it is hilly to the max.

Workout this morning:

a) Sun salutations A

b) 60 min Cybex Arc Trainer elliptical cross trainer at an easy pace in place of a recovery run

DOMS this morning: glutes from the leg press and lats from the pull-ups. Generally I feel pretty beat up with yesterday’s double. I am hoping to have another session with Mr Soon before Saturday – Kei Ming is planning a long run and I am averse to being stranded in Hartamas or Bukit Tunku or Jalan Holland! It is only a lingering pull and I have no problems descending the stairs but to be on the safe side, I rather go through another “torture” session. Today’s also refueling day – erm, should I be happy about gorging myself silly???

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