Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seputeh-Taman Desa Run – 28 April 2011

Distance: 9.5km

Timing: 54:37 min for 5:45 min/km pace

Woah! Pain free this morning! Do not get me wrong, there was still a muscular pull on the side of the right shin but nothing depilating, at least nothing like the pain that struck when I moved just 10 steps during yesterday’s adiNation Training Run. I was pretty worried (and stressed out!) after last evening’s session; so apart from praying fervently (!), I tried self massage, pressure point massage (hey, I was running out of options!), put on the compression calf sleeves (first time! Conclusion: it does not work for me and I felt nothing of the squeezy feeling everyone raves about) and considered cold/hot compress, calling up Mr Soon in the middle of the night etc.

Ok, let us cut the rambles and move onto this morning’s run. It was back to the 10km hills (although my Garmin usually registers between 9.5-9.6km) and we or rather I started cautiously as we made our way to Taman Desa Seputeh. Hmmm…no pain, some muscular pull…hmmm, I could do this; let’s try to up the pace…hmmm holding steady, ok, let’s go for it but not the heart and lung bursting type pace. Oh yeah, there was no dog this morning.

Kenny was on my tails for the first 2km and I was hoping he could take the lead – he makes me work hard and not slack off – but he never did. Then again, he had warned me that he was going slowly this morning. So I was pretty much on my own this morning. I upped the pace leaving Taman Desa Seputeh heading into Old Klang Road – gotta love it to have tailwinds from the traffic propelling you ahead (not so in the reverse). This morning’s hill climb at Taman Desa was tougher because of the nagging shin as well as one inconsiderate and blur driver who could not make up her mind on whether to stop on the left, move ahead or turn right!

Oh boy, I was so glad when I got to the top of the hill because it was a pure 2km downhill back to the house. Kenny came back a few minutes later and we started to make arrangement for tomorrow’s lift – I am heading out of town for the long weekend. Hopefully the shins will recover by the weekend – I even skipped the elliptical, stair climber and bike at the gym for more recovery time.

The KSO is back to smelling like cat litter. Sigh. Oh yeah, what was I thinking…of course, it will smell like cat litter because I sweat buckets. I will try to get another pair this weekend provided my heart does not bail out at the price tag. Nope, the price has not changed – I still balk at the numbers all the same.

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