Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seputeh- Desa Waterpark Run – 26 April 2011

Distance: 10.20km

Timing: 54:10 min for 5:18 min/km pace

We started just after 6:15 am – I was surprised Kenny suggested this route – he probably ran the hill loop around Seputeh and Taman Desa yesterday and wanted a change. Although this was a comparatively easier route (in his words, not mine!), there is the 2km stretch of headwinds to battle on the return journey. I kept the first half of the run easy and I felt I was moving to the rhythm of the pit-pat of my foot. Kenny was about a meter behind and we reached the Desa Waterpark turnaround in 27++ minutes.

Now this is when the nightmare (for me) began. Guess who increased his pace and strides?! I was humming along at 50 meter behind along Jalan Desa but once we got into Old Klang Road, all bets were off. Mr KL Marathon 3:30 pacer went further and further ahead and I almost succumb to cursing the headwinds. I am surprised I did not! Then again, I have been relatively calmer since Lent on this front – fingers crossed, this will hold out. How do you guys hold fort with headwinds?

At the turnaround at the furniture outlet in Taman Seputeh, a dog (Kenny calls him a puppy) named Nick (my client’s name) came barking at me and was about to chase me until his owner called him back. Definitely harmless and definitely not in the league of the ferocious one in Taman Desa Seputeh.

It was a negative split for the second half and it was tough. All part of the training I guess. After this, I was too lazy to hop onto the elliptical for a cool down and instead showered before heading into the office. Slothful, huh? So I guess the hill loop around Seputeh-Taman Desa will be on the cards later this week?

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