Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Half way through

It is midweek and I have only one more day to get through before the long Labour Day weekend. For some odd reason, I have not been that excited about this weekend’s getaway as I had been previously. Perhaps it is the stress from the house or work or both. I started the day with the usual Buteyko practice and five rounds of sun salutations (3 of A and 2 of B with warrior II) before meeting Michael for a leg-and-shoulder workout. My upper body is still sore from Monday’s session and I was thankful we were working on legs. Here are the single set workouts from this morning:

a) Freemotion cable overhead shoulder press

b) DB lateral raise

c) Freemotion cable bend over rear delt (single arm)

d) Technogym leg press (yup, up to 160lbs and it didn’t feel too bad)

e) Nautilus prone leg curl

f) Technogym leg extension

g) Cybex seated calf raises

h) Seated DB overhead single arm tricep extension (the 20lb didn’t work; we probably should have done 15lbs)

i) Cybex abcrunch

We spent quite a bit of time gossiping about his new “toy” – a Polar watch.

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