Monday, April 25, 2011

Seputeh LSD – 23 April 2011

Distance: 18.95km

Timing: 1:47:50 min for 5:41 min/km pace

Ah, the dreaded LSD though it is not as scary as it was even a month back. LSDs (or any distance above 15km) leaves me completely (and I do mean 100%) drained for the rest of the day. That is why I tend to keep the rest of the day and the next free of errands, appointments and meet-ups or at least to a minimum.

Kenny had billed this the “revenge run” since we had initially planned to do the 2 laps (of our usual 10km) before the Energizer Night Race 2011 – the idea was scrapped with the onset of his ankle trouble. I think taking Friday off running helped (I am still trying to adjust to Wednesday and Thursday’s back-to-back) and I felt so much more stronger. We covered 2 laps around Taman Seputeh Desa (sans dog!) before taking a break at the Shell station along Old Klang Road. At this juncture, we had about 8.8km under our belts and my pace was about 6 min/km – right on target.

The isotonic drink was good and I could feel a burst of energy, which made powering up the 2km stretch at Taman Desa easier. I said “easier”, not easy! This was reflected in my splits when I downloaded the data on Garmin Connect. I looped back to the car before heading out to the junction of Pesiaran Seputeh to wait for Kenny. We proceeded on our second lap of Taman Desa and I mildly considered walking up the hill. Just a thought. The legs were getting naggy but not fatigue; I guess it is true what they say about the mind: the body only gives up when the mind does. Nopez, I did not walk but it was slow, or at least I felt slow. Contrary to that, the splits at this section, the second round, was not too far off the first – or at least they were still under 6 min/km pace. Surprise, surprise.

Despite downing an entire can (that 325ml or 87 cal) of Revive isotonic drink as opposed to my 1/3 of a can, the right calf seized up 50 meters from the finish! Dang! Dang again! It was not as painful as some of the other times along Jalan Parlimen and I could actually run or drag my foot or “perform” an ugly run dance to the finish. Yes, I was that determined.

Recovery post run consisted of hanging around the house the whole day in my compression tights, a L.O.N.G. nap in the afternoon, rehydrating and refueling. I could not make it to Richard’s class because we had to send the car for servicing. This was naturally promptly rectified yesterday morning.

There is some numbness on my right hand and a pull (it is slightly painful to the touch; Michael had a look at it this morning and said it was swollen) along the side of my right calf (about an inch long – see how dramatic and pussy I can get about injuries!) since the run. I think I may have compressed one of the nerves; I don’t think it’s anything major since I can walk, feel the ground, lift/carry stuff; it should run its course in a day or two, else I’m heading to Dr Ling.

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