Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seputeh Loops – 21 April 2011

Distance: 7.99km

Timing: 45:53 min for 5:44 min/km pace

Egads! Kenny changed the menu this morning and decided we should do laps around Taman Seputeh! And only told me after the first lap! Now you know I cannot handle laps else, I will go loony – it is a wonder why I always suggest Planetarium or Inter-state during the adiNation Training Runs? He even wanted to do a third and offered to slow down but I was more or less spaced out after the second. We completed the run with a loop around the furniture shop for a little shy of 8km.

The run was eventful – on the day that Kenny decided not to bring along a ruler, we were barked at and chased by a dog at km2 and km5 (2 laps, remember). Sigh. Why can’t owners be responsible and keep their pets with them at ALL TIMES???

The first km was spent catching up – we haven’t been running together for about 2 weeks(?) and of course, the drama over the weekend (yes, still talking about the event/race). Km 2 was the dog event. I was slightly ahead of Kenny in the first lap but all this flew out of the window when we started the second lap. I kinda faded after this - probably due to the laps since yesterday’s run was an easy/recovery run rather than the usual tough tempo.

We will probably do a longish run on Saturday since Sunday morning is out – it’s Easter and Kenny’s church starts their service at 6:30 am.

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