Monday, August 24, 2015

Holy Moly!

That’s right, folks…holy moly morning! I overslept and was this II to being late for this morning’s training. Nevertheless to say, I had zilch time for cardio and had to jump right into the following. Ok, back track, I blame it on yesterday evening’s Gua Sha – oh BTW, it wasn’t as “painful” as the massage prior to that. For that, I’m still traumatized! And my neck, shoulders and back are sporting red welts and bruising. Call it the badge of honour! Not sure if I’ll go back – like I say, the combo of both treatments were traumatizing.

Tell me why I didn’t op for a leg workout given that the entire back felt like a truck rolled over me?!?!?! Then again, perhaps it did me good to work out those knots and whatever toxins remained in the shoulder blades. Surprisingly (or not!), I felt much better after the workout.

Shoulders & Delts

Supersets of:
a)    Precor overhead shoulder press (slow going but hey, I got a bonus set…to my horror!)
b)    Standing BB overhead shoulder press (you know it seems like both workouts are the same…it is! And that’s like 30 reps at one go…go figure if your shoulders aren’t begging for mercy!)

Supersets of (on Bosu):
c)     DB lateral raise
d)    Medicine ball frontal raise (nothing too dramatic for this superset except they inflated the Bosu to the max)

Supersets of:
e)    TRX shoulder delt row
f)     Bendover DB rear delt row on bench

Supersets of (on Bosu):
g)    BB upright row
h)    KB shrugs

Finishing off the morning with abs roll out.

Here are some pics from yesterday’s evening supposedly-TLC-time…don’t let the pics fool you…it was all nice until I stepped into the “torture chamber”. Ah but I’ve no one else to blame except myself – pretty much given since my muscles were all tight and inflexible.

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