Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Training – 14 August 2014

Route: DH
Distance: 11.15km (Garmin)
Timing: 66:41 for 5:58 min/km pace

Yeah, you read that right. Yeah, I did the unthinkable. Yeah, I did really “run” DH on a weekday morning. Ok, maybe not “run”. Walk. Trot. Whatever. Feels like walking to me, so I’ll call it a “walk”.

Thanks for indulging me.

Still trying to figure out what possessed me to do the energy-sapping DH this morning. We can all agree that it’s energy sapping and no matter how many times you do it, DH will still eat you alive. The Hartamas route may be longer but is definitely a toddler compared to DH.

Started off somewhere near Lake Club and the idea was to walk but that gentle downhill along Jalan Parlimen meant the legs turned over pretty quickly (hey that’s relative!). Uphill at KTM/Sasana Kijang and there were already cars parked along the road. Man, some folks do really covert street parking that they come out early!

#$%^&* DBKL ought to get their act together! Street lights are erected for a purpose you know! And this is the 7th month of the Chinese calendar aka Hungry Ghost month. And this is Bukit Tunku, which made it to the top10 of the most haunted places.

Though the scare I got was from my own shadows and some bright light from a car careening down Bukit Tunku.

The awesome steep “first” hill. Double Hill is such a misnomer; it’s not double hills…it’s many, many hills.

Back onto Mahameru and lots of cars whizzing past. The stretch I hate most coz it’s just seems never ending till you hit the turn off to the palace.

The “second” hill. No monkeys this morning. Whew! Love whooshing down hill towards Jalan Parlimen. Finished at the traffic lights since traffic was heavy.

And since a blog post is not a blog post unless it includes pictures

Last night’s loot

Collected Desmond’s race kit over the weekend

Scary picture for Adam

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