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Centro Tower Run 2014

Date: 23 August 2014
Venue: Centro Tower Office Building, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Distance: 32-storey stair climb
Timing: 7:24 (Gun)
Result: 3rd (WV)
Website: here

This must be the third or fourth edition of the event except that this year they included the Tower Run (stair climbing) as the Centro Tower Office building was completed recently. Tower Run on Saturday and the 12km Centro Mall Run on Sunday. Pretty neat I would say and allowed participants to choose either or both events. I won’t be surprised if they combine both the Tower Run and Centro Mall Run into one event in the future (and keeping the existing 2) – a double challenge? Not new, believe the U-Run in Singapore incorporates something like this (and over a longer distance to boot!).

Wave starts with about 100 participants for each wave beginning at 7am with the Men Open (2 waves), Women Open and the combined Men Veteran and Women Veteran. Each wave had a 20 minute allowance which is more than sufficient for the short 400m run (this is to segregate the faster runners from the mid and backpacks) and 32-storey climb. Hey, the winner came home to roost at 4.5 minutes. Go figure!

This was a last minute sign up (only did it when Desmond buzzed me to help him collect the race kit) and up to the morning itself, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it or make it. And who in the world runs DH before doing a 32-storey climb?!?! Naturally insanity prevailed. Yes, I did run the 11+ km on Saturday before heading to Klang (thank goodness for clear traffic on NKVE). Flag off was at 8:30 am and we were the last ones; at least it was only a short run from the compound into the mall and up the stairs. Since the hip was still iffy and since this was to be a “bonus” workout, I was really slow in getting off the blocks. Even “tai korRonnie (who did really look like a “tai kor” sitting on one of the benches in the mall) told me to hurry up.

Overheard joke on reaching the stairwell:
A: Oh where are we going (heading towards the door)
B: Stairs of course, you think elevator, meh?

Naturally it was congested at the start but after a few floors, the path was pretty cleared. I was pissed off with a couple of men who were grasping the railings on the right and when I said “excuse me”, was either close to having a heart attack or downright rude and refused to move to the left. Hey, I thought slower runners were supposed to keep left (as per road races rules, no?). Coupla French words were uttered. Passed Leslie, KM Tee at some point before bumping into LKK who was a volunteer on one of the higher floors. Let me tell you this…stairs in buildings are probably much tougher than Batu Caves or Lake Gardens’ varieties simply because they wind up unlike straight ups in the latter 2. I did have some close-to-dizzy moments but thank goodness, no projectiles. And soon it was over…32nd floor. Just to add, I walked up rather than sprint up. Really, no kidding. I’m of the belief that you don’t need to run up to get a good workout. Heck, I always feel my glutes working every single time I do BC and LG and the calves are sore the next day.

a)    Very well organized event from clear directions at the start right up to the top and back down again.
b)    Wave starts and the short run at the beginning helped minimized congestion. So it was pretty much spaced out.
c)     Great ventilation – all doors on each floor was opened and they had a couple of blowers on a few floors. Not once I did feel suffocated or throwing up.
d)    MC was great – providing clear directions and information. And spoke excellent English (yes, I can be snob about this coz I absolutely hate it when you slaughter the language – it just reflects poorly on the organizer and sponsors).
e)    We wrapped things up by 10 am. Definitely a positive. No need to spend half a day at an event with a lot of time spent waiting and waiting for either the lucky draw or prize presentation. Too bad if you weren’t around then the prizes were awarded.
f)     Generous and more than sufficient hydration (water and isotonic) at the start/compound and again at the 32nd floor. Breakfast spread at Shepardoo – tortilla with ham, samosa (thank goodness it was vegan!), fruits and juice. What more can you ask for?
g)    Shout out to the volunteers – everyone did great and was so helpful and cheerful.
h)    Ample parking at the mall at a flat fee of RM2. Plus point – security after the many incidents of break-ins in the last few events in town.

a)    Just one – slower runners should have been advised to keep to the left. Don’t remember reading about this in the race guide (I could be wrong?).

Photo log:
Event vest


Finisher's medal

Race cert

The spoils

Podium finishers (photo credit to Zas Ibrahim)

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