Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Opps sorry…haven’t been posting lately, so here’s what’s been happening over my end of the woods. Some things, not all.

Lake Garden Stairs Training – 21 July 2014

Route: 22 sets of stairs (2 sets of stairs>run down through Deer Park + 20 sets of stairs)
Distance: 7.90km (Garmin)
Timing: 1:13:38 for 9:19 min/km pace

Pure madness I would say but got it done and tacked on a short elliptical session after this. It was an early start for this gal despite the late night so it was a slow trot from the playground around the lake to the foot of the “stairs to heaven”. Bounded up the stairs and looped around Deer Park and repeated it for the second set before the nightmare of the next 20 sets. Spotted Chin Ann around i-dunno-set-nummer-zehn-or-something. Finishing off with another slow trot back to the car park. Lesson learnt this morning: never never never attempt to run after 20 sets of stairs!

Lake Garden Stairs Training – 5 August 2014

Route: 20 sets of stairs (with a 400m run every 5 sets)
Distance: 6.04km (Garmin)
Timing: 57:47 for 9:34 min/km pace

Short 2km warm up followed by all hell broke loose climb. And more climbing. And even more climbing. Know something…that first set of climb after a run is pure unadulterated torture such that you could be mistaken for drunk. Hip flexor was giving me trouble L and the calves were still sore from the weekend’s mega workout.

BTW, ever tried TH+TH/DH for a long run? All of us were so wiped out and the legs were practically useless on Sunday. But but but FOMO led me to the insanity of 10sets * 272steps. Hence the shin splints and sore calves. The things we do, huh?

So is everyone back from the Raya hols? How was your hols? And weekend?

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