Monday, April 21, 2014

Legs Galore

Naturally two consecutive days of running/walking (including one barefoot session) and yoga (lops of legs and hip work) weren’t enough coz there wasn’t a single niggle of protest when Michael suggested we work on Legs this morning. Glutton for punishment, eh? But I really wanted to get this out of the way and “enjoy the rest of the week, sans Legs”.

Hmm…maybe W is working after all; of course it’s always good on hindsight and you probably should remind me of the agony, bucket loads of sweat, “pain” during the execution of this:

Supersets of:
a)    EPIC hack squat (I cannot believe we started with 30 reps! Thank goodness we scaled it back to 20 for the rest of the workout)
b)    Cybex weight plate loaded leg squat press (can’t escape from this)

Supersets of:
c)     KB walking lunges (one of those above did a number on my right glute coz it was sore and achy and this was just the start of the session. FML!)
d)    {more} lunges – TRX modified (I asked Michael if we could do a weighted one; naturally request was met with approval)

Supersets of:
e)    Technogym leg extension (dropset) (failed miserably on the dropset – I cannot believe the burn of the {measly} 25lbs!)
f)     Cybex prone leg curl (gak! Nearly face planted on a dead, squished fly on the floor when I was stretching my hammies!)

Single set of:

g)    Cybex Ab Crunch

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