Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Things Friday

Looks like the blog has taken a backseat but I’m “super determined” to check in here more often (fingers and toes doubly crossed!). It’s been a busy week starting with the PACM dinner on Saturday night followed by an awesome weekend getaway before crashing back into reality on Tuesday (aka work). 

PACM Dinner

Some desserts were inhaled over the weekend

This week’s humdrum of activities:

  1. Hot Yoga at BYCH in the morning followed by a delightful breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery. Good thing I chose the Cardio class instead of Classic – don’t think my hips would have survived the onslaught of berbanyak-banyak hip openers! I didn’t enjoyed the class as much as I did previously – while the instructor did help point out some of my “flawed” alignment, I felt he was just parroting through the class. You’re supposed to do 2 sets of each pose and his instructions on the second set is EXACTLY the same as the first and again on the other side (left/right), down to the pauses. Sure I get it that it’s basically the same thing but I felt I was listening to a tape recorder. I might give the Classic class a try the next time. Now…does anyone know where I can schmooze hot yoga in KL? Brekkie of scone with apricot jam 

  2. Short run in Seputeh – covered the usual out-and-back but extended it a wee bit by including the mini loop at the playground near the train station. Felt good to have the legs back.
  3. Another short run around the neighbourhood before meeting up with Michael for a Back & Lats workout. Unfortunately I got caught in the rain at km2 and cut the run short. And can someone please check if I’m ok?!?!?! Coz I went for yoga after work2 classes in a week????!!!! I like Susan’s classes and that evening, we did the seated Ashtanga Vinyasa series – lots of alignment and holding the poses a tad longer. Susan is a good teacher especially her understanding of physiology.
  4. It was a cool morning as I set out prancing in Bangsar (hey, I needed a change!) only to discover to my “horror” that it was 2km of pure uphill along Jalan Cenderai-Jalan Ara! Why didn’t someone tell me that it was such a long road????!!!! Guess what I did after work yesterday? Yeah, yoga – I’m getting the hang of this, eh? I think gentle, easy, alignment/supported yoga classes should be mandatory for the 9-5ers. Manoj is an excellent teacher and we covered a lot of backbends and chest openers. Looks like only Manoj and Susan’s classes are for me – their knowledge of the skeletalmuscular and physiology system allowed them to plan and outline the various poses (with modifications for some of the less flexible ones); instructions were clear and they take the time to explain why a certain pose is done in a particular way or how it affects the body etc. Lily’s class on Saturday  just doesn’t cut it for me. I tried! Gave it 2 goes but it’s no-go.
  5. Took the day off running and focused on Chest & Pecs. No, I’ll probably not head for yoga after work and will break the streak. But never say never, right?

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