Monday, March 10, 2014

What a Weekend

Finally got my hands on thislucky draw prize from LYN’s CNY Dinner back in January. Unfortunately didn’t have a chance to try it out since it was muggy out yesterday. An even bigger surprise was that some of the runs went ahead – apparently the API was just under the “dangerous” or “unhealthy” level – unbelievable, eh? I stepped outta the house intending to join TPRC for their long run and took in one whiff and turned back.

Hoping to post a review of this tee soon. Fingers and toes doubly crossed.

Hence lots of indoor stuff – elliptical cross training and yoga – yesterday and which was why I was mighty glad to have this for company this morning. Oh yeah, it was crowded at the gym this morning – not sure if it’s on account of the haze or the water rationing. With hoggers in the free weight areas, Michael and I worked out on the machines and it’s tougher than doing the same workout with free weights.

Single sets of:
a)        Technogym cable chest press
b)        Cybex Eagle incline chest press
c)        Cybex Eagle chest press

Supersets of:
d)        Technogym cable chest fly
e)        DB combo chest press and chest fly

Supersets of:
f)        Abs roll out
g)        Partial leg lifts on mini Bosu (100x tougher than Richard’s version!)

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Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

OHH love the shirt!! I remember when I first started lifting I liked machines, but now I rarely ever touch them