Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Merry Making

Pics from Pacemakers CNY Potluck Dinner on Saturday where basically everyone I overate. And the merry making continued on Sunday morning with CNY breakfast hosted by Pacesetters after our run which basically negates all calories burned on the pavement. Such is our life.

At the Pacesetters & TPRC CNY Breakfast Run

Photo credits to: Chan WK & Mercy Malaysia

This morning’s workout (in between my whine-fest to Michael):

Supersets of:
a)        LF cable lat pulldown
b)        DB bendover row

Supersets of:
c)        Technogym cable bendover row
d)        Technogym cable low-to-high (whatever its name is!!!) pullup

Supersets and dropsets of:
e)        Technogym cable criss cross rear delt
f)        Technogym cable reverse pullover

Supersets of:
g)        Abs roll-out
h)        True Stretch leg raises

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