Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Things Friday

1.        Thank goodness the temps in the office are somewhat “makes-it-humanely-possible-to-work-comfortably-and-not-freeze-my-brains-out”. Can’t say the same when I step out or at night.

2.        Current snacks in the office drawer – there’s absolutely nothing that I don’t adore from the M&S hamper.

3.        Reason why I went BF walking this morning. Not that I got further than 400-600m. Go ahead, belly laugh!

4.        Check these babies out…

5.        #StrengthTraining #Chest #Pecs #CompletingFullCycle

Supersets of:
a)        DB bench chest press (variation/combo – hard to explain since I’m just so “articulate”)
b)        Smith machine bench chest press (dropset) (why do I always fool myself and think I can do it?!?!?!)

{Lots of machine work today} Single sets and double dropsets of:
c)        Cybex Eagle incline chest press (felt like a shoulder press or maybe not…I was too busy aching)
d)        Cybex Eagle chest press (FTW! Shoulders starting to ache)
e)        Freemotion cable chest fly (more FTW! Only coz I couldn’t hold it out straight ahead or high enough. #UserProblem)

Supersets of:
f)        Technogym cable reverse pull-over (not my fav but got it done and surprised myself)
g)        Cybex Eagle Abdominal (thank goodness only 15 reps)
h)        Push-ups

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