Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday’s Workout

So after a weekend of indulgenceS, it was only appropriate that we loaded up the weights and step up the tempo.

Single sets and dropsets of:
a)        Smith machine incline chest press (yuppers, the other “Smith” was occupied, so we started off with this)
b)        Smith machine bench chest press
c)        Hoist chest press (kinda felt “embarrassed” for Leon’s client coz we were sharing the machine and you know, you know…someone loaded up the weights)

Supersets of:
d)        Technogym cable chest fly
e)        Pushups on TWO friggin-constantly-moving-unbalanced medicine balls (whew! Got that off my chest…literally. I should probably add that by this point, I was kinda all poofed out)

Single set of:
f)        Reverse abs crunches

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