Monday, January 13, 2014

Washed Out Week

That’s for sure! How do you get into the framework of working when you’ve had the weekend and then Tuesday off and then Friday off?!?! I’m hoping to cruise along aka “pretend to look busy”! Can that be an option????

While we’re at it, might as well slack on the workouts, right? Tell me I’m not the only one! Zero miles this morning, so Michael put me thru the “doubles” paces:

Supersets of:
a)        Smith machine overhead shoulder press
b)        DB Arnold press (have I ever told you that this is the workout for trainers?!?! No, I’m not at that level yet…so why did I have to put up with it? In the name of VANITY)

Supersets of:
c)        Resistance band lateral raise (yeah looks can be deceiving)
d)        DB lateral raise

Supersets of:
e)        Resistance band criss cross upper back/shoulder row
f)        Technogym cable criss cross rear delt row

Supersets of:
g)        Technogym cable upright row
h)        KB shrugs (20kg nonetheless, not that it worked for me or maybe it’s still early in the game?)

Single set of:
i)        Abs crunches on fitball

Some pics from yesterday’s run with the LYN group – we did the 2XU route. Photo credits to Lim Soon Chung and Chan WK.


At the top of the hill


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