Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ratty Issue

Last I checked…it’s not the year of the Rat! Yup, that’s what greeted me when I turned the corner around the neighbourhood during my run this morning: disemboweled rat! Which meant it automatically turned into a super short run.

So glad I got this outta the way. We can all party CNY happily this weekend.

Supersets of:
a)        EPIC hack squat (high reps but unfortunately for me, it didn’t translate into lighter weight paltes)
b)        Cybex weight plate loaded leg squat press (I pity the guy who was sharing the equipment with me; at one point Michael asked if we should leave the weight plates there…his reply: no, no, no, that’s too heavy. Ok, I’ll stop tooting my horn here! :P)

Single set of:
c)        KB walking lunges (and I didn’t have to dodge the laundry guys this morning! That’s coz we started slightly later and they were mostly done with the delivery)

Supersets of:
d)        Technogym leg extension
e)        Jumping squats (at one point I lost count of the reps. Who am I kidding?!?!?! I was an utter mess!)

Single sets of:
f)        Cybex prone leg curl
g)        Cybex AbsCrunch

That’s it folks! Have a wonderful CNY with family and friends! Cya all next week!

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