Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back-to-back (literally!) Training

Oh so yesterday’s workout wasn’t enough because we were back at it again this morning. To amp things up, it was an earlier start and naturally that meant I was up earlier to fit in a warm up. Guess what?!?! Slight improvement from yesterday – 3km warm up run. No, I’m not gonna push the envelope for a longer run coz I crave my shut eye!

Back & Lats

Single set of: (yeah that’s how we start the session…slowly…; noticed I didn’t write “slow & easy”)
a)        LF cable lat pulldown

Supersets of:
b)        LF cable low row (warmed up…not really)
c)        Precor T-bar (in response to above…too bad…coz you’re gonna have to row heavy)

Supersets of:
d)        LF cable pressdown/reverse pull
e)        {My nemesis} DB bendover row

Supersets of: (whoa! This was a biggie!)
f)        Free-standing chin-ups
g)        Technogym cable criss-cross rear delt
h)        Abs crunches on fitball

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