Wednesday, September 4, 2013

World’s Shortest Workout and Fastest Shower!

After a shot jaunt around the neighbourhood this morning.

Raison d’étre: to beat the temp closing time of the gym (8:30am due to a planned fire drill in the building)

The things I do…instead of sleeping in on a nice cool morning.

Chest & Pecs Workout

If it had been Legs, we wouldn’t have gone past nummer zwei

Single and dropsets of:

a) Cybex Eagle chest press

b) Nautilus Nitro Plus incline chest press

c) Technogym cable rotational chest fly-press

d) Technogym cable chest fly (and that’s when the announcement came out that we had 30min before the proposed shutdown. Now try completing dropsets in 10 secs! LOL!)

e) Reverse abs crunches

Discovery of the day: 3 dropsets * 3 sets = 9 friggin sets in 1 workout! Multiply that 4 workouts = 36 friggin sets! I’m so not working out the reps! No wonder I’m poofed! But hey, dropsets are good if you’re short of time and need to maximize your workout.

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