Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tropicana Nite Race IV 2013 – 8.5km

Date: 7 September 2013
Venue: Tropicana Golf & Country Club, Selangor, Malaysia
Distance: 8.5km (Garmin: 8.49km)
Timing: 46:33 (Garmin)
Pace: 5:28 min/km (Garmin)
Result: 4th Women Senior
Website: Club's FB link here

Small local race and probably the first time it was opened to the public (outside of the gated community) or at least much publicized. A simple race around the East and West wings of the golf course, 9 holes on each with 2 categories on offer: 8.5km (both wings) and a family run of 3.8km (one wing). Race start was delayed by about 30 min when the downpour started at 5pm. First off the blocks were the Men Open (18-34 years), Women Open, Men Senior, Women Senior, Boys, Girls and the Family.

First half
The first 9 holes or first lap and every friggin km was peppered with no less than 2 slopes, most of which are steep! Only consolation were they were short. Wasn’t really in the mood the run after the morning’s DH and the earlier downpour – it was still drizzling when we started and I was worried about lightning. Hey c’mon, this is a golf course after all! Jeffrey Ross tried to give me a pep talk about running it blah blah blah but my mood was really blah! Oh yeah, found out the day after that he’s Kat’s Jeffrey – talk about how blur I was!

We ran on the buggy path and as soon as we were flagged off, the leaders aka Yasuko, a Caucasian lady and the Sammivellu sisters took off. Me? I was plodding my way along but was soon picking off the ladies in both the open and senior categories, except the leaders. Lots of twists and turns, steep uphills, bridges, tunnel etc.

Second half
Super glad we got the first loop done and were headed for the opposite wing. Liyana and Hannah’s dad gave me a cheer as I rounded the start/finish terrace. The twists and turns, steep uphills, bridges, tunnel continue. Passed Indra around km6; mood was still blah and I had to speed up lest she catch up. Km8 was tough – those inclines were getting steeper! One of the guys along the route called out to me and told me to keep going…I did…till I came to a complete stop about 500m before the finish.

Why? Coz there was a left turn and there was a bike and a traffic cone there. So do I take a left or run straight ahead???? Demit! All these poorly-marshalled events only happen to me!

Done! Crossed the finish line to 4th.

This wasn’t a goal race else I wouldn’t have run DH in the morning and would have aggressively treated the ankle this prior week. Yes, ankle was wonky to put it mildly but I needed to get in a 12-13 miler for the day even if it meant getting it done in 2 parts.


a) Good effort by the organizers.

b) There were at least 2-3 hydration stations along the route.

c) Distance markers at every km and signages for “steep slopes”.

d) Collection of bib and goodie bag on race day – saved most us a trip, especially for those who stay further away from Tropicana.

e) Wave starts for the different categories to minimize congestion on the narrow path.


a) Some areas along the route were dark – perhaps they could have put in temp lights on those areas?

b) Slippery path due to the earlier rain and I’m not sure how much the organizer can do about this.

c) Could do with a few more marshals along the route – see my comment above.

d) Wave starts could be re-jigged by having the guys and school boys start first; some of the boys were pretty fast.

e) Tagging of winners should be extended to 4th, 5th and 6th in case of DQ. Believed they did this for the Men senior but not for my category. Not sure about the rest.

f) Pretty boring route and there’s really not much the organizer can do about this if the event is marketed as a run around the 18-holes. After the first hole, the rest of the 17 looks pretty much the same.

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