Thursday, September 12, 2013

{Track} Thursday – 12 September 2013

Route: Bangsar
Distance: No clue of the distance for the warm up since the Garmin went wonky hills + 12 * 130m of hill intervals

It was drizzling and looked like it might get heavier when I got to the track. Did the next best thing – head towards the gym and guess what???? Rain had stopped in Bangsar.

Remind me not to warm up by going up Jalan Ara the next time!!!! It was a friggin 1.5-1.8km of climb! Sure it looks good on paper but when it comes to execution, that’s a different ball game altogether!

Finished up by looking stupid bobbing up and down one of the Terasek streets.

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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