Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Track Tuesday – 10 September 2013

Route: UM
Distance: 4.58km hills + 5 * 400m + 2 * 200m

Finishing with a 20min cool down on the elliptical.

God, I felt half dead! And that was even before the work day!

Not sure why the Garmin measured short this morning – by most accounts, it should be around 4.8km. oh well, let’s not get anal about this. The first km continued to mock me this morning – how do you guys run up Bukit Chinta???!!!! It’s definitely NOTchinta” for me! Adding to the misery, the pacer went faster this morning; I gave up chasing by km4. Hey gotta leave some in the tank for the mains.

Mains: feeble attempts to keep up with the pacer and the usual “dog panting, tongue out” picture after each round.

Bonus: following Mich and Jess for 2 additional rounds – legs were toasted and stopped at 2 sets.

It was definitely a very fast (for me!) pace workout this morning.

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