Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weekend Roundup (sorta) in Pictures & First Workout of the week

Short getaway in Hat Yai which involved some of this (photo credits to Pom Sports Shutter and Sean World of Marathon)

And lots of shopping including these

This morning’s 5.34km hilly km served as a prelude to this

Supersets of:
a) Free standing pull-ups (getting the hang of this. sorta)
b) BB frontal raise (hitting both the shoulders and back or at least that was the plan)

Single sets and dropsets of:
c) LF cable close grip pull-down & row (slight change from the usual lat pull-down; the difficulty lies in balancing and holding the position! For 15 freaking reps * 4 sets)
d) LF cable low row (keeping to the theme of “thrashing the back & lats"; double dropsets)

Supersets of:
e) LF cable bendover close grip row (WTEH! Another low row?!?!)
f) DB bendover row

Single sets of:
g) Single arm DB row (coz (f) wasn’t enough)

Supersets of:
h) Abs roll out
i) Technogym cable rear delt row (OMFG! Super heavy or at least it felt that way and dropsets too!)

Today’s lunch was Rye Bread with PB; been digging Deutsche brot since I found it recently. Good stuff.

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