Thursday, August 15, 2013

Desa Park City Training – 14 August 2013 & Interval Training – 15 August 2013

Wednesday’s {Second} Run

Route: Desa Park City
Distance: 2 * 2.1km = 4.2km (Garmin: 4.34km; total Garmin:6.05km)
Timing: 40:28 for 6:40 min/km pace

No plans for a run; this was supposed to be a walk to de-stress after work. Spotted a few familiar faces – LYN group had a newbie group run led by Tea Chua and WH; YK, Yen Erl, Joshua, Hong Lan, Dexter were doing their own run training.

Lap 1 (1.708km; 16:23)
Walk! Decided against joining the LYN group when they passed me at the lake. Spotted Yen Erl in the opposite direction shortly and after the Waterfront, Joshua came up behind me.

Lap 2 (2.168km; 12:20)
Legs felt like running. Heck?!?! Legs have a mind of their own and can verbalise things now???!!! Ok, slow start to enjoy the scenery – lots of runners, walkers, families, friends out there last night and the roads looked so pretty with the street lights lighted up.

Lap 3 (2.176km; 11:41)
Sped up a bit. Heck, negative splits every km! Oh, this was pretty easy to hit when you’re starting at close to 6 min/km pace. LOL!

Thursday’s Interval Training

Route: Taman Megah
Distance: 5km + 2km (Garmin: 7.17km)
Timing: 28:14 for 5:33 min/km pace (5km)

Didn’t know if I wanted to run after yesterday’s double and strength training (BTW, my lats and abs are sore!). Let’s go with the trick in the book: start by walking, run 1km and if it fails to inspire you, bail out!

Guess that inspiration worked because after that warm up, I decided to “run like mad” and finished 12 sets of intervals. Which naturally meant I could rest up for the rest of the week!

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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