Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend in Pics

Weekend getaway in Nathawi with Khun Dr Kumpanat, Khun Aree and Khun Neu and the hospitality from each and everyone I met was top notch! I was practically treated like a princess and there is no way I could repay the kindness shown to me.

The Nathawi Hospital Run & MTB 2013

Was met at the airport by Khun Seu…in an AMBULANCE! No kidding! My jaw nearly dropped when I saw the vehicle. Oh well, there’s always a first for everything, including getting a ride to Nathawi in an ambulance. Turns out that they had to send a patient to Hadyai Hospital earlier that morning and instead of making 2 trips, might as well pick me up in the ambulance.

Wangneau Resort was the accommodation and don’t let the simple setup fool you – the place was super clean (not even a tiny ant or roach – hey, Golden Crown Plaza, I’m referring to you!), not jaded, paint work was not peeling (GCP again!) and the WiFi connection was fast (GCP – take note, it was included in the room rate and I didn’t have to pay extra. To be clear, I didn’t pay GCP for the WiFi either because it was clearly stated in my room confirmation that it was included though the staff did try to wrangle their way out of this). Add to that, the friendly staff – believe it was a family run place; though they didn’t speak English, a quick wave of a hand and hand signals got me through the weekend.

Pre-race expo including a simple buffet dinner (since I’m vegan, I only partook in the veg curry but they had fried chicken drumsticks and omelet as well), Senamrobik (the staff and everyone there was actually very enthusiastic and were happily dancing away), singing and dance performances by the local schoolchildren.

Race day – the annual affair (15 years and going strong! How come we never found out about this?!?!?!) included a run and a MTB race. The usual post-run grub with a twist – there were Thai kuehs and pancakes and coffee or Milo (individual 3-in-1 packs to boot!) as well as the usual porridge, fried noodles, dough fritters. There were overall winners and AG trophies, even for the shorter 3.5km. Now, tell me how can you not like this event?

Short strength training yesterday evening; had to scrap plans for an evening run due to maddening $%^&*)@!~ traffic after leaving the gym.

Chest & Pecs (in an overcrowded gym – typical evening background and why I always like getting it done in the mornings)

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (oddly, was able to handle the increased load)
b) DB chest press (need to work on balancing)

Supersets and dropsets of:
c) Smith machine incline chest press (trend from above holding strong; you’ll note that that adjective is relative)
d) DB chest fly

Supersets of (we were very short of time!):
e) Technogym cable seated chest fly
f) Aeromat pullovers
g) Push-ups
h) Abs roll out on medicine ball (whatever)

And zil culprit of my slower paces in the last month ^&&$@!()&%$

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