Friday, August 2, 2013

Five {Pictures} Things Friday

1. Jelly beans – just look at the flavours!

2. New digs – taking it out for a test walk this weekend.

3. Any donning this perhaps.

4. Definitely not taking this out for the adventure.

5. Back to regular scheduled programming. 2 supersets and 3 single sets was all it took me to drag my feet into the office. Adding to my misery, a lot of colleagues have started their Eid leaves. 3 days to get through…

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine BB squats (high reps but Michael didn’t let me get away with baby weight plates!)
b) {My absolute favourite} Cybles plate weight loaded leg squat press (can I just die?!?! Could practically feel the quads and glutes working on set1. Final count was 650-670lbs I think – half baked squats may I add)

Supersets of:
c) Smith machine BB lunges (25-huge jump to 45-55-65 lbs * 2; so that was 4 sets of pure torture, especially for the right quads and when Michael said it wasn’t low enough, I swear I could have thrown the plate weight at him!)
d) Split lunges (and I finally managed some semblance of doing it right! Operative word: some)

Single sets of:
e) Technogym leg extension (dropsets) (super no bueno. Guess the guy who was directly opposite me on the chest press machine was wondering what the whimpering was all about)
f) Cybex prone leg curl (demit…short of time, so that meant going heavy to tax the hammies out faster)
g) Cybex AbCrunch

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